Thank You If You’ve Made It Here

Imported from Detroit, RichVanity was created by 23 year old Demarcus Hannon. Inspiration originally streamed from art, culture, and religion. But, along the way aspects of spirituality and financial literacy have and continues to be shown within the brand. Often times throughout any strive for growth our vision that we have for ourselves can become very unclear but in his words...

“When I felt like I had nothing or when I was filled with doubt.  When I wasn’t given the words of encouragement or tools I needed to be confident. When I was finding my direction through life or when my bank account didn’t reflect the person I knew I was or could be, I kept faith. I used these two words and gave them a meaning. I use them as affirmations to build my spirit, create and move me forward. I am rich doesn’t just mean financially but mentally, spiritually, and physically as well. Vanity was personally meant to be a positive way of self love but I creatively express the ups and downs of both sides we tend to fall on.”

The goal of the brand is to continue to be a platform for creative expression, forward thinking and community building. We are here to uplift and push the shared vision and empower those that are alike